Welcome to the EWIS Detection Tool

We provide easier and faster access to support information through our EWIS Detection Tool.

This tool will automatically detect your PC to assist you in getting quick access to support information specific for your EWIS PC.

In order to do so the tool will retrieve only the following technical information of your EWIS PC:

This technical information is only used for detecting your PC model and type of connection used. None of the technical information is stored permanently on any server or used for any other purpose. When the internet browser session ends, this information will be deleted.

Exception is the PC model number, which is stored anonymously and used for analysis of this tool’s usage.

No personal data is needed or will be transmitted or accessed through this tool - Privacy statement.

In rare instances the tool may be unable to detect the PC. If this occurs, an error message will indicate no detection and you will be given other options to proceed.

The EWIS Detection Tool is an executable program file, which is run after download to your PC, The program is NOT installed in your operating system. The executable program file can simply be deleted to remove it permanently from your PC.

Please click Start Detection to run or download the EWIS Detection Tool. Click “return” to go back to the Support download center page”



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